My UNSHAKEN story on the National Geographic and Biography Channels this weekend

I just found out that two shows taped about my Hiati earthquake survival experience will both air this weekend.
On Saturday night (June 4), the National Geographic Channel will air a show called “Witness: Caught by Disaster,” featuring my story among others, and on Sunday I will be featured on the Biography Channel’s “I Survived.”
You can […]

Pray for Japan this week

I’m greatly burdened for Japan today. Rescue efforts are still underway (my rescuers, VA Task Force 1, are among the rescue teams involved), and casualty estimates are rising. From what I’ve seen, I’d be surprised if casualties end up less than 10,000.
If you want to join me in praying, please pray for:

those waiting for […] Review of UNSHAKEN

“I cannot recommend this book more. It stirred my heart in so many ways, as Dan shares deeply personal details of his marriage and faith. It made me question my own life-what would I do in the situation? Where does my trust lie?”

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Anderson Cooper 360

On January 7, 2011, I was included in a show about survival stories on Anderson Cooper 360. This has been one of my favorite media opportunities for Unshaken, as it was more lighthearted than some and I got to “meet” Anderson Cooper and Bear Grylls. I was disappointed that CNN did not choose […]

Focus on the Family Broadcast – Jan. 12, 13, 14

This broadcast was one of the few chances when Christy was able to be a part of sharing our story, and it was definitely the most in depth we have gone in sharing our experience. Jim Daly (president of Focus on the Family), John Fuller, and Juli Slattery made us feel so comfortable and at […]

Huntsville Times Review of UNSHAKEN

“I predict anyone who begins reading this book will choose to be trapped to the end. …a fascinating and inspiring testimony.”

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Trust Me, with everything

While much has been made of my physical experience while I was trapped in rubble after the Haiti earthquake (and it does make quite a story), I was also, at the same time, on a spiritual journey—a journey of trust.
My journey of trust in God under the rubble started with the basics: assessing my heart-relationship […]

You are Mine!

One of the climax moments of my encounter with God under the rubble (as recounted in Unshaken) came in the first hours after the quake. After I had settled into my elevator car and attended to my wounds, I tried to assess the gravity of my situation. Things did not look good.
I was on the […]

Book Review: The North Face of God, Ken Gire

The North Face of God: Hope for the times when God seems indifferent
by Ken Gire | Tyndale
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At the time of this writing, this is my favorite book on the topic of God and suffering, or at least one significant aspect of it: God’s apparent quiet/distance when we feel we need Him most.
As I read […]

My Name Was On a List

I will always remember, as clear as if it happened this morning, the euphoric feeling I had when, while still trapped in the darkness of the collapsed Hotel Montana, I knew that a rescue team knew where I was and had put my name on a list:

a list of people whose location and conditions were […]