Jordan Basket

The Jordan Basket is a tradition we established in our family to help us remember God’s provision and faithfulness to us. We got the idea from the book, Celebrations of Faith, by Randy and Lisa Wilson.
Joshua 4 tells of the instructions God gave to Joshua after the Israelites finally crossed over the Jordan River into […]

Giving a copy of Unshaken to my rescuers

I enjoyed a simply wonderful couple of hours on Friday (Dec. 17, 2010) with some of my rescuers from Fairfax, VA’s Virginia Task Force 1. Such an amazing experience to hand Sam Gray a copy of my and Christy’s book, Unshaken, that details our ordeal after Haiti’s earthquake and my rescue from the Hotel Montana. […]

Review of UNSHAKEN – New York Post

Required Reading: “…both thrilling and inspiring.”

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Read an Excerpt of Unshaken

Excerpt of Unshaken

Read the first two chapters of Unshaken: Rising from the Ruins of Haiti’s Hotel Montana.

Shaun Groves’ Review of UNSHAKEN

“Unshaken is for anyone who loves a good suspenseful story and for anyone swallowed by darkness today or walking someone else through theirs. For anyone halfway living, in need of resurrection from the doldrums of dutiful religion and dispassionate relationships. For anyone seeking inspiration and evidence that God is unshaken by all that shakes us.”

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Bear Grylls – Man vs. Wild

This morning, I’m watching Man vs. Wild (Discovery Channel) with my boys, a Sunday morning ritual we really enjoy (we catch church on Saturday night, and we get some boy time on Sundays while Mommy sleeps in).
My boys still can’t believe that Bear has read my book, Unshaken. I can’t either, and I’m grateful that […]

Haiti earthquake

Haiti Earthquake Info
The 7.0 Haiti earthquake that rocked the impoverished island nation at 4:53 pm on January 12, 2010, was one of the worst natural disasters in modern history, killing over 230,000 people and plunging a people already devastated by decades of poverty, corruption, political unrest, and faltering infrastructure into incomprehensible tragedy. The capital city […]

CNN Haiti Earthquake Coverage

This was a nice interview with CNN’s Brook Baldwin just before Thanksgiving. She briefly mentions my book (though not by name), my use of the iPhone, notes to my family, and the Haiti cholera outbreak.

I really enjoyed this interview on January 24, 2010, with Josh Levs from CNN. It was my first Skype interview […]

Larry King Haiti Earthquake Coverage

Christy and I appeared on Larry King Live on January 22, 2010, after returning home to Colorado Springs. It was a privilege to be a part of his show and share a few short highlights of our story.

Today Show Haiti Earthquake Coverage

On January 19, 2010, Christy and I were interviewed by Meredith Vieira for the Today Show while I recovered in Jackson Memorial Hospital. She was a very respectful and kind interviewer, and she made us feel comfortable. I knew even at that time that there was so much more of the story to tell in […]