Bear Grylls – Man vs. Wild

Image by no-frills marilyn. via Flickr

This morning, I’m watching Man vs. Wild (Discovery Channel) with my boys, a Sunday morning ritual we really enjoy (we catch church on Saturday night, and we get some boy time on Sundays while Mommy sleeps in).

My boys still can’t believe that Bear has read my book, Unshaken. I can’t either, and I’m grateful that he had kind things to say about it. His endorsement was short and sweet:

“Powerful, personal, and faith-enhancing.”

Bear and his show played a part in my earthquake survival experience, and I wrote about him a few places in the book. Here’s one excerpt:

I remembered the details of that Man vs. Wild episode. Bear said if you were ever in a situation where you faced dehydration, drinking urine could help extend the time frame. Then he demonstrated by drinking his.

It was just one of many episodes that made Josh and me squeamish. Bear would eat bugs or raw meat fresh off a carcass. We’d turn our heads and say, “Yuck! That’s gross.” While watching those kinds of episodes, we had wondered if all of that was really necessary. “Why doesn’t he at least cook the meat first?” Josh had asked.

“I guess when you’re in a situation like that, you do whatever it takes to survive.”

At the time, I never would have guessed I’d be in such a situation one day. Here, I understood Bear’s actions much better. In desperate times you do what you have to do to prolong your life.

While nothing could have fully prepared me for what came next, I was grateful that I had examples from Bear and from other survival stories I had read to help guide me when I faced difficult decisions during my own extreme adventure.