Trust Me, with everything

While much has been made of my physical experience while I was trapped in rubble after the Haiti earthquake (and it does make quite a story), I was also, at the same time, on a spiritual journey—a journey of trust.
My journey of trust in God under the rubble started with the basics: assessing my heart-relationship […]

Book Review: The North Face of God, Ken Gire

The North Face of God: Hope for the times when God seems indifferent
by Ken Gire | Tyndale
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At the time of this writing, this is my favorite book on the topic of God and suffering, or at least one significant aspect of it: God’s apparent quiet/distance when we feel we need Him most.
As I read […]

My Name Was On a List

I will always remember, as clear as if it happened this morning, the euphoric feeling I had when, while still trapped in the darkness of the collapsed Hotel Montana, I knew that a rescue team knew where I was and had put my name on a list:

a list of people whose location and conditions were […]