Trust Me, with everything

While much has been made of my physical experience while I was trapped in rubble after the Haiti earthquake (and it does make quite a story), I was also, at the same time, on a spiritual journey—a journey of trust.
My journey of trust in God under the rubble started with the basics: assessing my heart-relationship […]

You are Mine!

One of the climax moments of my encounter with God under the rubble (as recounted in Unshaken) came in the first hours after the quake. After I had settled into my elevator car and attended to my wounds, I tried to assess the gravity of my situation. Things did not look good.
I was on the […]

My Name Was On a List

I will always remember, as clear as if it happened this morning, the euphoric feeling I had when, while still trapped in the darkness of the collapsed Hotel Montana, I knew that a rescue team knew where I was and had put my name on a list:

a list of people whose location and conditions were […]

Jordan Basket

The Jordan Basket is a tradition we established in our family to help us remember God’s provision and faithfulness to us. We got the idea from the book, Celebrations of Faith, by Randy and Lisa Wilson.
Joshua 4 tells of the instructions God gave to Joshua after the Israelites finally crossed over the Jordan River into […]

Haiti earthquake

Haiti Earthquake Info
The 7.0 Haiti earthquake that rocked the impoverished island nation at 4:53 pm on January 12, 2010, was one of the worst natural disasters in modern history, killing over 230,000 people and plunging a people already devastated by decades of poverty, corruption, political unrest, and faltering infrastructure into incomprehensible tragedy. The capital city […]

Haiti Earthquake by the Numbers

The Haiti earthquake was an unspeakable tragedy, causing so much heartache, especially to people in the grip of poverty. The numbers below help me get a handle on the scope of this event, in a more analytical way, but don’t begin to touch on the personal stories and needs of those we love in […]