Giving a copy of Unshaken to my rescuers

I enjoyed a simply wonderful couple of hours on Friday (Dec. 17, 2010) with some of my rescuers from Fairfax, VA’s Virginia Task Force 1. Such an amazing experience to hand Sam Gray a copy of my and Christy’s book, Unshaken, that details our ordeal after Haiti’s earthquake and my rescue from the Hotel Montana. […]

Bear Grylls – Man vs. Wild

This morning, I’m watching Man vs. Wild (Discovery Channel) with my boys, a Sunday morning ritual we really enjoy (we catch church on Saturday night, and we get some boy time on Sundays while Mommy sleeps in).
My boys still can’t believe that Bear has read my book, Unshaken. I can’t either, and I’m grateful that […]

Survive 2-1/2 days with what you have in your pockets. Ready, go!

So friends have asked me if I have changed what I carry with me since this whole Haiti earthquake experience. Going from a relatively normal day (albeit in a foreign land) to being trapped in extreme circumstances in a matter of seconds certainly makes me think about how prepared I am, at any moment, for […]

33 Chilean Miners Rescued!

I was so thrilled to watch the last of 33 Chilean miners rescued after 69 days trapped below ground! I can’t imagine (65 hours was enough for me)!
So many words will have new meaning for them: Savior, Deliverer, rescue, family, loved ones, life – none of these words will ever be abstract for them again.