Compassion’s Child Survival Program

Missoul with her three daughters. We captured her story on video Tuesday afternoon, before the quake.

I love these photos because they remind me of why I went to Haiti in the first place.

Witness the love in Missoul’s eyes. It broke my heart to realize that although moms like Missoul love their babies every bit as much as Christy and I love our boys, extreme poverty robs children like Micheleine from the potential they could have in life. In fact, too many babies in Haiti do not even reach their fifth birthday, victims of preventable diseases or malnutrition. And many are sold as restaveks—child slaves—under the false hope for a better life.

But we are in a position to change that, to stop poverty before it stamps its mark permanently on a child’s life. Compassion’s Child Survival Program in Haiti is changing the reality for thousands of mothers and their babies, providing:

Missoul loves her children every bit as much as I love mine. Why shouldn't they have a chance at success?

  • nutritious food and supplements
  • vaccinations and ongoing health care
  • parenting education and encouragement
  • spiritual nurturing in a faith community
  • income generating opportunities

Your support can literally mean the difference between life and death for a young, vulnerable child. I have held babies who are alive today because of this program, and I’ve met mothers who have real hope for their children’s future, for the first time, because of the help and guidance they are receiving. And after this devastating earthquake, the needs are more urgent than ever.

Life is short, and we don’t know when our time on this earth will be over. So it’s imperative that we live our lives in ways that make a difference now and for eternity. If you are moved by the needs of children in poverty, please do something about it.

Today. Right now.

To learn about Compassion’s Child Survival Program and discover how you can change the trajectory of a child’s life, please visit

May you grow in a faith that stands unshaken,