Songs from a Broken Elevator – Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

Somewhere between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, my first night after the earthquake, I was trying to calm my spirit and align my heart with God’s heart. I knew worship would help, but I was having trouble getting my mind there, so I indulged in an hour of iPhone battery power and listened to worship songs, there in my broken elevator. Each of these songs spoke to me in profound ways (I’ll be adding them over time).

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I tried to picture heaven several times while I was trapped. I was pretty sure I was headed there soon and was more curious than ever about what it would be like.

Scenes of constant worship are described as part of our heaven experience, but that has often been an awkward picture for me.

This more modern version of Holy, Holy, Holy helped me imagine myself caught up in that worship scene. I wonder if the saints and angels have started using this Phillips, Craig, and Dean song yet (I’d bet they have).

I also like to think that Keith Green and Rich Mullins are already deeply involved in leading heavenly worship.

What do you think? What songs take you there?

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